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Who we are

Barry Brandon Marketing is a boutique creative agency that handles photography, video, events, experiences, web design, graphic design and branding. Previous clients have included Virgin Atlanta, Virgin America, GOOGLE and Yes To.

Barry Brandon’s Story

In 2010, Barry Brandon and his team began a monthly themed dance party in Atlanta called,“Bedlam.” Inspired by his time spent in NYC, the event became a clear standout in nightlife, so much so, that the parties spanned 4 years and to 5 cities and won numerous awards. 

In 2011, Barry Brandon opened for Dragonette and produced the official after party for recording artist Robyn. That same year he booked, promoted and performed in 12 cities in support of his EP. 

In January of 2012, Barry Brandon released a compilation full length album on iTunes. The album, titled “Etc,” features studio recordings, live recordings and a remix. Additionally, he produced the first season of Sing For Your Life, an Atlanta based singing competition. 

In 2013, Sing For Your Life returned for a second season, and he began freelancing with the experiential marketing firm: C3 Agency, in which he produced a strategic media event targeting bloggers and influencers for Google. 

In 2014, Barry Brandon, alongside Christine Courtney-Myers, founder of C3 Agency, continued producing events for: Yes To Carrots, Virgin Atlantic Airways and Virgin America. Sing For Your Life was a hit, thus calling for a third season. Additionally, he ran social media campaigns for opera singer David Daniels, and The Voice Season 7 contestant Jean Kelley.

In 2015 Brandon was asked to become the Creative Director for the brand #GENDERFLUX. He photographed the campaign and conceptualized the marketing strategy for the brand. His film “Proxy,” for which he claimed a lead role, has now been screened at 5 film festivals. Tasha LaRae, lead vocalist for the GRAMMY award winning band Arrested Development, asked him to photograph her campaign “Racism Sucks."  Additionally he announced a project titled, “Stitched Up,” a photography project which will allow him to travel the world to photograph people with physical scars. He has also teamed up with Berlin performing artist Bambi to bring a line of custom created hats called Timmy's